Monday, February 23, 2009

Circadian rhythms and sleep cycles

Now that the "bug" has departed, I am working to flip my sleep schedule upside down. I miss sleeping at night like most humans. I've been awake 15 hours so far and working at my computer, and so far I have survived. My previous attempts have ended in failure, but surely today will be the day I succeed. I can almost taste my victory...okay, it's just that lovely little Hershey Nugget that melted all over my tongue and dissolved into a pool of chocolatey ambrosia in my mouth. Already I want a nap, but I know that a 9-hour sleepfest would ensue if I go upstairs to catch 40 winks. I daren't allow myself even 10 winks until my work is done for the day. Zzzzzz....

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