Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bailout Boondoggle - for Cartoonists

Done any political cartoons? Here's a topic from the New York Times article that came out this morning (February 24, 2009, U.S. Pressed to Add Billions to Bailouts).

My idea involves an elderly gentleman (Uncle Sam in tatters) sitting on a park bench and tossing food to pigeons (the banks), squirrels (the automakers), and some other small animal to signify A.I.G., the insurance company - with labels on their little bodies to help those who don't figure out the symbolism. All the creatures are fat and greedy-looking and they are starting to get menacing, demanding more and more food from the little old man and even tearing at his clothes and hair in their greed. Somewhere in the background will be the states clamoring for crumbs.

It's too bad I can't think of a way to toss in images of children in the background (the children whose lunches he tossed to the creatures), to symbolize our futures being tossed away to feed the already bloated companies that have squandered their own funds are now are begging for even more money in the bailout boondoggle.

If this creates a good image in your mind's eye, think about drawing it and submitting it to the editorial section of your favorite newspaper. And send me a copy, please.

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  1. Great cartoon! I can see it in my mind's eye but no way can I draw it.