Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scott Savol - Upcoming Album and Tour!!!

I am so excited! My favorite American Idol contestant of all time, Scott Savol, has announced that he will have an album in stores on July 7th!! I'm saving my pennies, believe me! Plus he will be doing a series of concerts this spring and summer. The spring ones will be in Cleveland for the Cleveland Idol contest. Of the summer ones, only a few dates and locations have been announced so far. I'm really REALLY hoping he goes outside of Tennessee for this, as I don't know if I will have enough money to travel in late June. My daughter's getting married in Vegas at the end of May, so unless I decide to gamble (which I don't do, except on virtual pets sites and that's not real money) and win big, I probably won't have the funds for any travel for a couple of months. Maybe I will get lucky and he will come to St. Louis or even (dare I breathe the words?) do a concert in Kansas City.

Here's a part of the Urgency Records website and promotional information:

Scott is to begin his "Ordinary Man" Tour June 20, 2009 at the Rivergate
Mall in his hometown of Nashville, TN. This marks the beginning of a sixty city
tour to promote and showcase his debut album "Ordinary Man, Extraordinary Gift" which is scheduled to release in stores July 7th, 2009.

And if you want to hear a little bit from the album, click on this link:

LOVE IT!!!! I can't wait for more! I'm so proud of Scott and
excited that he will finally have an album out. If you like this sample, watch for more news and buy a copy when it comes out in July. YEAH!