Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Germs etc.

Turns out it was some kind of 24- to 48-hour bug. Kinda funny, really, because the day before that I had filled out a survey about health care and checked the box saying I never get a flu shot because I hardly ever get sick.

I was miserable last night. I had a fever that turned me bright red (that's what a creamy complexion gets you when you're sick), shakiness, a horrible headache, and let's not even talk about that pesky little lower GI problem. And now my sweetie's sick too. He's about 8 hours or so behind me in symptoms...and he missed his first day of work in 6.5 years! You've got to be pretty miserable for that.

Anyway I'm feeling a bit better now and I need to get to work. I'm behind on everything (that's what happens when you lose a whole day). I'll bring you up to date here when I can.

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